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Building Process


The Bloom Building Process

Enhancing the overall feel and livability of your home is important to most homeowners. There are several ways to achieve this and we understand there are several options to choose from. We have been building gunite swimming pools for over a decade and truly feel there is no better way to make your home feel more inviting than to build a swimming pool. Surrounding your pool, we will design destination areas that will feel like separate “rooms” in your yard.


  1. Schedule an expert design consultation.
  2. Discuss swimming pool and landscaping ideas.
  3. Initial project budget will be discussed.
  4. An Education Swimming Pool Plumbing, Equipment, and Structure will be given.
  5. Bloom Outdoor Environments will design your entire outdoor living space.
  6. Your project will be designed using a 3D modeling program that will give you a great idea of the overall look and feel.
  7. A second meeting will be scheduled to finalize budget and design specifics.
  8. After an agreement is made, Bloom will accept a deposit to start engineering & construction drafting.
  9. Municipality building permits will be obtained.
  10. Our in-house draftsperson will take your renderings and create a working construction drawing. We will email you a PDF copy so that you, the client, may know all measurements, materials, locations, etc. If something does not look right or stands out as different from you perception of the Pool Studio renderings, this is a good time to bring it up.
  11. Begin the build phase.


  1. Pre-site Inspection: Our team will need access to your yard to verify measurements, setbacks, and public utility locations.
  2. CALL 811 : 811 is a public service to locate all public utility lines. Clients may see paint on the street made by each utility. 811 DOES NOT verify locations of septic, sewer, electric, or other lines within the barrier if the property.
  3. Set-Up: We will set the height of the pool based on the decking material selected and the slope of the deck and yard. Having your final decking material (NOT COLOR) selection done prior to this stage is crucial.
  4. Layout: Based on your drafted construction plan we paint an outline of your pool on the ground before any work begins. This gives you an opportunity to approve the shape and position before we excavate. Excavators use the layout as a guide when they dig.
  5. Excavation: Our excavation specifications include vertically excavated walls and flat floors, which create a safer, more enjoyable and spacious swimming pool than the industry norm.   ** 1st Installment** 40% of total contracted amount + all change orders up to this point.
  6. Material Selections: If you have not yet chosen your materials, now is a good time to do so. 
  7. Plumbing and Equipment: Our plumbers follow a detailed plan for the location of every feature, pool return and drain. You will notice that pipes are protruding out from the pool dig. These will be cut off near the end of construction and will finish flush to the final pool wall.
  8. Steel Rebar & Forming:  Steel rebar is installed in a grid pattern to reinforce the strength of the concrete shell. The vast majority of Tennessee pool companies use standardized steel specifications driven with the belief that the least expensive is the best. However, our steel specifications are developed and engineered for your pool, in your particular soil, with the unique load and stress of your pool design.
  9. Electrical: Standard features include LED pool lights with remote-control abilities, your selected timer and control panel will be placed with the equipment for daily pool system control. 
  10. Pre-Shotcrete Inspection: After excavation, plumbing, steel, and electrical are installed, we will call into your municipality to schedule the “Pre-Gunite” inspection. IF APPLICABLE
  11. Barriers: If you have not yet made your home and yard safe by placing the necessary barriers in place, now is a good time to schedule a company to take care of this.
  12. Shotcrete (concrete pool shell): In this phase, steps and benches are formed, spas take shape, and the pool begins to look like a pool. To add compaction strength to the concrete shell, our special mix of shotcrete tests to 4,000 psi, while industry standards are as low as 3,000 psi. The shell is a minimum thickness of six inches thick, and in coves and all stress areas, it’s a minimum of eight inches thick.
  13. Masonry and Rock: During this phase, we install boulders, waterfalls and anything that must be done prior to the deck. It’s also a good time to complete any masonry such as barbecues, fire pits, pillars and equipment walls.
  14. Tile: During this phase, we will install all waterline tiles, step tiles, mosaics, and other tile based features. . ** 2nd  Installment**40% of total contracted amount + all change orders up to this point.
  15. Decking: During this stage we will be completing your decking system. Concrete based decking will be formed and poured while alternative decking methods (i.e. pavers, travertine, and artistic pavers) will take a bit longer. Alternative decking methods require a formed border, compaction, and overall, will be more of a labor intensive system which adds a week to the building process based on the amount
  16. Final Inspection: After cleanup has occurred, we will call into your municipality to schedule the final inspection. All barriers such as fences, gates, springs, self-closing doors, etc. will need to be completed prior to this phase. The municipality will sign off on the project as complete and we will then schedule your interior. 
  17. Interior Surfaces: After final inspection and municipality sign-off, your interior matrix will be installed. Whether you have chosen plaster or a pebble product you are only days away from swimming.


  1. Start-Up: Once interior has been installed, we will send our Start-Up crew out to do all final tweaks to your pool to begin functional operation. ** Final Payment** 10% of total contracted amount + all change orders up to this point.
  2. Orientation: You will be contacted to schedule an orientation so you will understand how to care for and operate your pool. During orientation, you are encouraged to video tape the process of operation and this is a good time to ask questions. Being an informed and educated pool owner, will allow for an enjoyable pool owning experience. We will also leave you with a pole, basket, brush, and test kit.
  3. Landscaping: This phase may begin prior to the finish of the pool and will generally be finished towards the end of the process. In order to experience a swift and proper install, clients are encouraged to make all landscape selections prior to the excavation of the swimming pool.