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Freeform Pools

Freeform Pools

Bloom Outdoor Beautiful Freeform Pool

Beautiful Freeform Pools

Creating a natural looking backyard that makes you feel as if you are escaping the World and getting back to nature can be accomplished by building a freeform swimming pool. Freeform pools are often called natural pools and can be used interchangeably. The variations of freeform pools can be vast and many times will have naturally flowing planting areas with mounds and native plantings. Bloom Outdoor Environments creates these natural swimming pools with family fun and overall enjoyment in mind, With a properly placed diving rock or cascading rock waterfall that gracefully lines a portion of your seating area, you will be transported to a place of zen.

Owners of freeform swimming pools love the natural reflections the pool provides as well as the unique custom shapes that are available. Creating each project from scratch, we design each freeform pool to fit our client’s individual wants and needs. We are able to source stone from rivers in southeastern Tennessee that can be used to create breathtaking water falls that truly seem to be part of the natural landscape. Building these stone waterfalls on freeform swimming pools really accentuates the naturally flowing lines of the design.

When we start creating a freeform swimming pool that is in a natural setting, we often look at the water color. The color of the water is affected by the color of the interior, sky, and surroundings. Mini Pebble comes in a variety of colors and we often put a dark interior in the pool to make it feel as if you just stumbled upon this swimming hole while walking in the woods.