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Pool Renovations

Pool Renovations

Bloom Outdoor Pool Renovations

Bloom Outdoor Pool Renovations

Swimming pools, just like anything else, need a facelift once every 8-12 years and Bloom Outdoor Environments leads the field in swimming pool renovations. From deck replacement to complete restructuring of your swimming pool, we can truly transform the the most neglected pools into works of art.

Pool renovations are challenging and rewarding as they allow Bloom Outdoor to bring your backyard back to life. There are many factors to consider when you are about to embark on a pool renovation and they must be prioritized.

Drainage Issues – Many pool areas have drainage issues because of settling or improper
installation of decking. These drainage issues will cause permanent damage to your
foundation and can cause settling of your home. Repairing these issues are imperative
to your future enjoyment of your backyard living space. When we begin a pool
renovation, this is one of leading parts of the project. We will laser level the yard to
ensure proper drainage.

Deck Replacement – Decking is one of the first things that will need attention. Generally we are able to top your existing decking with a natural stone or paver product. This minor change will transform your pool and make it look new again. Equipment Replacement – Most pools that we are conducting a pool renovation on are in need of new equipment. Many times we find that the wrong pumps were installed and portions of the equipment were installed incorrectly. We take into consideration flow rates, peak power functionality, and efficiency.

Plumbing Assessment and Pressure Test – Improper plumbing is the leading cause of an inefficient pool. Pool renovations sometimes require that we re-plumb the pool. We will start by completing a pressure test to see if there are any issues. Clients generally have us run new lines to create better flow and circulation, aiding in chemical distribution and cleanliness of the pool.

Interior – The interior of the swimming pool will generally be replaced during a pool renovation. Plaster interiors, historically, are the first to deteriorate as they are more susceptible to fluctuations in chemicals. Pebble or Mini-Pebble interior will usually last 30% longer than plaster because the aggregate holds the plaster matrix together. If needed, we will chip out the interior, down to the concrete. We have found that many companies do not do this step properly and apply new interior over the old and this is not a good option. Caveat Emptor. Pool Renovations will also require that we install new waterline tile. This give you an opportunity to add some pops of color as there are hundreds of options. Pool renovations give our clients to change the entire feel of their swimming pool and outdoor environment. Bringing in fresh materials with a new and modern feel will update the property by adding value. We look forward to transforming your backyard into the space of your dreams.