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Straight Line Pools

Straight Line Pools

Bloom Outdoor Environment Straight Line Pools

Beautiful Straight Line Pools.

As you embark down the path of pool ownership, you may lean more towards straight line pools because of their simplistic beauty. Straight line pools have can be quite simple with clean lines, but this is what makes them desirable. The clean lines go a long way when keeping a project sleek with modern classic lines. Each straight line pool that Bloom Outdoor Environments creates has just the right amount of features that make for a timeless project that will exude class and sophistication for years to come.

Owners of straight line pools tend to like things tidy that is an added benefit to ownership. Pools that have straight lines tend to clean easier and have less potential to collect debris which makes moving water easier, and this allow the pool to be cleaned with less effort. Bloom actually enhances this capability with our “HydroSurge” circulation system which takes advantage of proper fluid engineering and increased flow rates created by our energy efficient Hayward EcoStar Pump.

Water features are becoming quite popular and they look amazing on straight line pools. Adding just enough water flow will bring life to the straight line pool will make you outdoor environment a relaxing space to get away. Water features come in various sizes and materials and Bloom Outdoor prefers to use copper or stainless steel scuppers, because they allow the water to flow in specific patterns which complement the straight line pool.

Beyond water features, another great way to enhance the feel of your straight line pool is to add subtle places for accent tile or natural stone. Bloom Outdoor sources UV coated tile that not only protects your pool, but adds a touch unique only to your straight line pool. A touch of color will bring the simple clean lines of your straight line pool to life and can even become a good conversation started. Our tile is hand-made and comes Italy and the United States.

One point we always discuss with our clients is the decking material they will use for their swimming pool area. Straight line pools will accommodate a vast number of decking and coping material but a favorite to Bloom Outdoor Environments is Turkish Travertine. When set properly, Turkish Travertine not only provides beauty through its linear lines, it is one of the lowest temperature materials around the pool. This is a huge selling point when speaking with clients that have children, or themselves do not like walking on the hot concrete. On the edge of your straight line pool, travertine is also a great choice as it is cool to the touch when lounging on the sides.

There are many choices to make when building a pool and your designer will assist you through all of them. Straight line pools are timeless pieces of art that will not go out of style.